It Pays the Bills

     It is not my intention to merely display people at work. Rather, these photographs focus on a person’s identity, or lack thereof.
     When an incredibly hectic work schedule dominates one’s life, his or her job inevitably starts to define them.  For many, it is what makes them get out of bed every morning and start their day. As a result, those that are most hardworking find it difficult to break away from their “work selves” and discover more of who they are outside of the workplace. Nevertheless, for whichever reason, these individuals continue to trap themselves within their work personas simply because it is what pays the bills.
     Having said that, each of the subjects in this collection were permitted to identify themselves only through their work-related identities. A waitress suit or an equipment-filled restaurant, for example, provide just enough information to enforce these work identities. Facial features were not emphasized; a person’s face, after all, is their strongest form of identity. It is therefore up to the viewer to imagine who each of these people are and what they are like outside of the workplace.